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METRO | Bruce Melton : Is Austin Energy now against alternative energy?

The future is bright and breezy, not black and dirty. Whatever is going on with Austin Energy misses some very important and fundamental news. By Bruce Melton | The Rag Blog | August 5, 2014 AUSTIN — Really? Austin Energy … Continue reading

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Organic Farming : Cutting Carbon Emissions Big Time

Photo from The Red Mullet.Going organic:Dump the mega-corps and save the world? By Steve Russell / The Rag Blog / December 4, 2009 A new report from The Soil Association [see article below] says a worldwide switch to organic farming … Continue reading

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Fight for the Amazon : The Planet’s at Stake

A police helicopter takes away indigenous protesters who have been arrested in the Peruvian rainforest. It returns later and is used to fire tear gas at protesters. Photo by Thomas Quirynen and Marijke Deleu / Independent, U.K.A fight for the … Continue reading

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Bush’s EPA : Another Green Light to Carbon Emissions

New power plants will not be required to install technology to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, the Environmental Protection Agency has ruled. Photo by Charlie Riedel / AP. The case at issue yesterday began in 2007 when the EPA issued a … Continue reading

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Global Warming : Past the Tipping Point

The Most Important Number on EarthNow that we know how far we are past the carbon tipping point, it’s time to freak out—and get to work.By Bill McKibben Sooner or later, you have to draw a line. We’ve spent the … Continue reading

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Climate Change : OMG. It’s Even Worse Than we Thought it was Worse Than.

House sliding into the sea. As climate change melts the permafrost, Arctic villages slip into the sea, taking a way of life with them. Photo by Robert Knoth / Mother Jones. The planet is now so vandalised that only total … Continue reading

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Apocalypse Soon? : The World Keeps Getting Hotter

Eden adjusted by climate change 2005 by James Gleeson.Carbon is building up in the atmosphere at a much faster pace then previously thoughtBy Juliet Eilperin / September 26, 2008 The rise in global carbon dioxide emissions last year outpaced international … Continue reading

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Climate Change: Prepare for Global Temperature Rise of 4 Degrees

Drought-resistant plants such as these in the Majorelle gardens in Marrakech, Morocco, would become more common in British gardens. Photo by Clay Perry / Corbis.‘We need strategy to adapt to potential catastrophic increase’By James Randerson / August 7, 2008 Great … Continue reading

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Electric Cars Are the Key to Energy Independence

German electric car.‘Anyone who drives an electric car falls in love with an electric car’By David Morris / August 2, 2008. Renewables won’t give us energy independence unless that electricity is used as a substitute for oil in our transportation … Continue reading

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ENVIRONMENT : The Island in the Wind

Once people on Samsø started thinking about energy, a local farmer explains, “it became a kind of sport.” Photo by Joachim Ladefoged.A Danish community’s victory over carbon emissionsby Elizabeth Kolbert Jørgen Tranberg is a farmer who lives on the Danish … Continue reading

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