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The Shroud of Vatican

Political cartoon by Ralph Solonitz / The Rag Blog / April 13, 2010[Ralph Solonitz’ cartoons also appear at MadasHellClub.net]The Rag Blog

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Scandal in the Church : Time for Pope to Depart?

In 1294, Pope Celestine V issued a decree making it permissible for a Pope to resign. Then he resigned. Detail from portrait of Celestine V, artist unknown.There is historical precedent:Should Benedict apologize and resign? By Ted McLaughlin / The Rag … Continue reading

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Mexico City Legalizes Gay Nuptials : Catholic Clergy Aghast

Gay rights activist cheer after a session at the city’s assembly in Mexico City last December. Photo by Daniel Aguilar / Reuters.Mexico City sanctions gay marriage:Catholic Church warns of Sodom and Gomorrah In Morelia, Michoacan, Bishop Alfredo India added to … Continue reading

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BOOKS / Caliban and the Witch : The Creation of Capitalism

Who Were the Witches?Patriarchal Terror and the Creation of Capitalism By Alex Knight / The Rag Blog / November 6, 2009 This Halloween season, there is no book I could recommend more highly than Silvia Federici’s brilliant Caliban and the … Continue reading

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Mexico : Church and Macho Politicos Wage War on Women

Photo of graffiti from Mejilla Hyde.Catholic Church and macho politicosWage war on Mexico’s women ‘Get your rosaries out of our ovaries!’ By John Ross / The Rag Blog / October 13, 2009 MEXICO CITY — “Sacan Sus Rosarios De Nuestras … Continue reading

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Bishop Takes Pawn : The Real Meaning of ‘Pro-Life’

U.S. Catholic bishops listening to Pope Benedict XVI. Photo by Alex Wong / Getty Images. The present effort to politicize the church and marginalize pro-choice will drive away more of the flock and quickly shed the intellectual credibility it so … Continue reading

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The Vatican: Working Their Way Back in Time

Pope Benedict XVI. Photo: roblisameehan via Flickr.Will a New Vatican Document Affect Science and Reproductive Health?By Brendan Borrell / December 12, 2008 Mischaracterizations of science lurk in the Vatican’s latest instructions on bioethics, but Catholics probably won’t follow them anyway … Continue reading

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Richard Rodriquez : Why Churches Fear Gay Marriage

Author Richard Rodriguez is Mexican-American, gay and a practicing Catholic. Photo by Christine Alicino / salon.com. As the American family fractures and the majority of women choose to live without men, churches are losing their grip on power and scapegoating … Continue reading

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BOOKS : ‘The Art of Political Murder’

Activist Auxiliary Bishop Juan Girardi Conederal, murdered in April, 1988. Mourners gather with can candles to mourn the murder of Bishop Juan Girardi: “Enough!”The Novelist and the Murderers By Nathaniel Popper [This article first appeared in the July 7, 2008 … Continue reading

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