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Lamar W. Hankins :
Legislative harassment: The plan to destroy women’s constitutional rights

For the last 40 years, a cabal of authoritarian, mostly religiously-inspired people has worked to diminish women’s constitutional right to control their bodies. By Lamar W. Hankins | The Rag Blog | February 4, 2014 Human beings are constantly trying … Continue reading

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Jean Trounstine : Censoring What Prisoners Read

Werewolf erotica: Too sexy for prisoners? Image from The Atlantic Wire. ‘Werewolf erotica’ too ‘sexy’?Censoring what prisoners read The truth is that prisons want to control behavior. They want to ‘reform’ prisoners, which usually means they want to turn out … Continue reading

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David Van Os : The Homeland Battlefield Bill

Image from Chocolate City.The Homeland Battlefield Bill With the stroke of Obama’s pen, the United States military has become a domestic law enforcement authority and American citizens on American soil are subject to the loss of every fundamental right to … Continue reading

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Ted McLaughlin : It’s Everyone’s Fight

Typical 99% parasite. Image from Jobsanger. CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE It’s everyone’s fight ‘The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield and for government to gain ground.’ — Thomas Jefferson By Ted McLaughlin / The Rag Blog/ … Continue reading

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