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Kate Braun : Winter Solstice Falls on Saturn’s Day

Saturnalia by Ernesto Biondi, 1909. Io Saturnalia! Winter Solstice 2013 This seasonal celebration takes from many traditions, including the Roman Saturnalia, Druid customs, the German ‘Yule,’ and the birth of Jesus; and Queen Victoria popularized the lighted Christmas tree. By … Continue reading

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Let’s Bring Culture Not Only to the White House, But to All of American Government

My only question is why would we not desire a Ministry of Culture? Such a government department or agency is commonplace in other nations; why would we not want one in the US? Richard Jehn / The Rag Blog Robert … Continue reading

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Louisiana – Stepping Back into the Middle Ages

Louisiana’s Latest Assault on DarwinJune 21, 2008 It comes as no surprise that the Louisiana State Legislature has overwhelmingly approved a bill that seeks to undercut the teaching of evolution in the public schools. The state, after all, has a … Continue reading

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For Muslim Woman : Replace Hymen, Restore Honor

Dr. Marc Abecassis carries out hymen reconstruction surgery on a 23-year-old French woman of north-African origin. Photo by Ed Alcock / NYT.In Europe, Debate Over Islam and VirginityBy Elaine Sciolino and Souad Mekhennet / June 11, 2008 PARIS — The … Continue reading

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