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Roger Baker : ‘Peak Food’ Next Global Crisis?

Image from Care2.The next global crisis:Will ‘peak food’ follow ‘peak oil’? By Roger Baker / The Rag Blog / September 23, 2010 Will we soon experience a global peak in food production, similar to peak oil? It is too difficult … Continue reading

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Chomsky: Global Crises and Dealing with Them

Crisis and Hope: Theirs and OursBy Noam Chomsky / September 2009 Perhaps I may begin with a few words about the title. There is too much nuance and variety to make such sharp distinctions as theirs-and-ours, them-and-us. And neither I … Continue reading

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If We Do Not Change the Way We Produce Food, There Will Be Crisis Within Ten Years

‘Yes We Can’ Create a Sane Food Policy in the USBy Bruce Friedrich / December 6, 2008 Two extensive reports released in April indicate that our current method of devising food policy is broken and that the current system is … Continue reading

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India : On the Front Lines of the Global Food Crisis

The courtyard of the home where I stayed.Things that go bump in the nightBy Mira Kamdar / August 4, 2008 JAITU, FARIDKOT DISTRICT, India—Wrapped in a musky blanket under a fan that was frantically trying to beat the air free … Continue reading

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