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BOOKS / Ron Jacobs : ‘Conversations on U.S. State Terrorism’

‘Weapon of the Strong’ Interviews from ‘State of Nature‘ Throughout the text is an underlying question of language and its meaning. Why is one act considered terrorism while another act that is essentially the same not considered so? By Ron … Continue reading

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PRESS / Mexico’s Leftist ‘La Jornada’ : 25 Years of Rabble Rousing

Noam Chomsky salutes left wing dailyKeynotes La Jornada anniversary event The first issue of La Jornada rolled off borrowed presses September 19th [1984] to the universal disdain of Mexico’s ruling class which then maintained a hammerlock on the press… By … Continue reading

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Chomsky on Health Care Reform in America

Despite its age, this video from Noam Chomsky covers some of the key issues and facts concerning the health care reform debate, and in terms that are easy to understand. Richard Jehn / The Rag Blog The Rag Blog

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Chomsky: Global Crises and Dealing with Them

Crisis and Hope: Theirs and OursBy Noam Chomsky / September 2009 Perhaps I may begin with a few words about the title. There is too much nuance and variety to make such sharp distinctions as theirs-and-ours, them-and-us. And neither I … Continue reading

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Noam Chomsky on Latin American and Caribbean Unity

Presidents Evo Morales of Bolivia and Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. Photo by Alizar Raldes / AFP / Getty Images.‘The initiatives taken in Venezuela have had a significant impact throughout the subcontinent, what has now come to be called “the pink … Continue reading

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