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BOOKS / Ron Jacobs : Dave Zirin, the Man Who Politicized the Sports Pages

A look at Dave Zirin’s latest:The man who politicized the sports pages No longer can owners, managers, and commissioners argue that sports and politics must and should be separated. The taboo has been trashed. The silence has been shattered. By … Continue reading

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Jonah Raskin : Fear and Loathing without Hunter S. Thompson

Gonzo man: Hunter S. Thompson. Illustration by Ralph Steadman / The Badger.Where is Hunter S. ThompsonNow that we need him? At times he could he cynical and depressed, but he also had clarity of vision and a commitment to tell … Continue reading

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Hunter Thompson Speaks From the Grave

Jerome Doolittle here pulls a Hunter Thompson gem out of the historical hat. It reminds us once again of the utter brilliance that was Hunter S. Thompson, how absolutely on target he was no matter how bizarre his poesy and … Continue reading

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