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METRO | Elaine J. Cohen : To weave the future

The Zapatista’s struggle to reclaim dignity and autonomy is similar to the struggle of the Lakota and other First Nation peoples. By Elaine J. Cohen | The Rag Blog | December 7, 2014 AUSTIN — In mid-November, here in Austin, … Continue reading

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Steve Horn :
Keystone XL’s Houston ‘Fork in the Road’

Houston’s refinery row. Image from Gulf Restoration Network / DaSmogBlog. Keystone XL fork in the road: TransCanada’s Houston Lateral Pipeline Houston’s LyondellBasell refinery is retooling itself for the looming feast of tar sands crude and fracked oil bounty that awaits … Continue reading

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Kristin Moe : Polluted Houston Neighborhood Draws the Line at Tar Sands

Children from the Manchester neighborhood in Houston with oil refinery smokestack in the background. Photo by Tar Sands Blockade. Photo by Tar Sands Blockade / YES! Magazine. Houston’s most polluted neighborhooddraws the line at Alberta Tar Sands East Texas is … Continue reading

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Lamar W. Hankins : Pipeline Debate is Mired in Disinformation

Coming your way? Pieces of the pipeline. Image from National Radio Canada. Keystone XL Pipeline debateis mired in disinformation The Keystone XL Pipeline project has virtually nothing to do with American energy independence, but everything to do with enriching Canadian … Continue reading

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Bryan Farrell : The Eyes of Texas Are Upon You, Keystone XL

Four activists are locked down to construction equipment on a recently clearcut easement leased by Keystone XL pipeline builders TransCanada. Inset photos below show local residents supporting the demonstrators and treesitters in the 50-foot pines at the rural East Texas … Continue reading

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Chris Hedges : Heartland Resistance to the Pipeline

Treesitters in Winnsboro, Texas. Photo from the Tar Sands Blockade.Resistance in the heartland:The Great Tar Sands Blockade Ranchers, farmers, and enraged citizens, often after seeing their land seized by eminent domain and their water supplies placed under mortal threat, have … Continue reading

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Brendan Smith and Jeremy Brecher : Labor’s Keystone Dilemma

Unions and the Keystone dilemma. Image from Kansas Watchdog.Dirty vs. green jobs:Labor’s Keystone dilemma Outside of Washington, the very same unions that support the pipeline are down in the trenches fighting for a transition to a green economy. By Brendan … Continue reading

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Lamar W. Hankins : Gasoline Prices and Political Nonsense

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow: The oil speculators’ dream, from Harper’s Weekly, 1965. Image from cw-chronicles.com / heatingoil.com.Gasoline prices, the XL Pipeline,oil speculators, and political nonsense The giddy, knee-jerk response to higher gasoline prices is the thoughtless mantra ‘drill, baby, drill.’ … Continue reading

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Jim Hightower : The Keystone XL Flim-Flam

Valero refinery in Port Arthur, Texas. Image from Nation of Change.The Keystone XL flim-flam The dirty little secret that those pushing so urgently for building Keystone XL don’t want you to know is that the tar sands oil producers are … Continue reading

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Jack A. Smith : The U.S. and Irreversible Climate Change

Cartoon from Saida Online.With U.S. leading the way:Irreversible climate change looms By Jack A. Smith | The Rag Blog | November 29, 2011 The Obama Administration has largely remained passive about the critical imperative to reduce greenhouse gases to limit … Continue reading

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Mike Ludwig : Thousands Circle White House to Protest Pipeline

Young protesters marched through the streets of Washington, DC, carrying an inflatable “pipeline” as long as a city block. Photo by Mike Ludwig / Truthout.The pressure is on:Thousands encircle White House,tell Obama to reject Keystone pipeline By Mike Ludwig / … Continue reading

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Alyssa Burgin : Cronyism, Corruption, and the Keystone XL Pipeline

Don’t mess with Texas. Photo by Jon McLaughlin / National Resources Defense Council.‘Regulatory capture’:Cronyism and corruption in the Keystone XL Pipeline approval process By Alyssa Burgin / The Rag Blog / October 19, 2011 AUSTIN — On November 6, 2011, … Continue reading

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