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Chicago 1968 : Riot Cops to Hold Reunion

Scenes from the police riots at the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago. Photos from Chicago Tribune files.1968 Chicago riot cops to hold reunion ‘It’s just a get-together for guys who worked together 40 years ago,’ said Mark Donahue, president … Continue reading

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Cop Nation : Snitch Brandon Darby, and Riot Police With the ‘Kent State’ Gene

Riot cops at 2008 Republic National Convention in St. Paul, Minn. Photo by Pan African News. ‘I fear those individuals, identified only after they explode, who project their anxieties, anger and insecurities by becoming officers of the law and marauding … Continue reading

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Massacre at Tlatelolco : Art Can Help Us Remember

Freedom of Speech (1968) by Adolpho Mexiac. Inspired by the student protest in 1968 in Mexico City and the massacre at Tlatelolco. As I started to tell the story behind these sculpted ghosts, I realized how little I remembered of … Continue reading

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