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BushCo: It Was Worse Than We Thought

Bush Admin. Worse Than Our NightmaresBy Juan Cole / August 21, 2009 It was worse. Back in the bad old days of Bush’s corrupt gang, we on the left were pilloried for suggesting that the administration was manipulating terrorism-related news … Continue reading

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‘Dollar Bill’ Jefferson and the Case of the Cold Cash

Government exhibit 20-45C. This photo was presented July 8, 2009, as court evidence in the trial of Rep. William Jefferson, D-La. It was provided by the U.S. Attorney’s office and shows an FBI agent holding contents seized on Aug. 3, … Continue reading

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No Meaningful Evidence of Election Fraud in Iran

An Iranian supporter of defeated reformist presidential candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi demonstrates on June 17, 2009 in Tehran, Iran. Getty ImagesExperts see no ‘smoking gun’ for Iran election fraudBy Andrew Beatty / June 17, 2009 WASHINGTON — Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s election … Continue reading

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KBR Still Owes Millions from the Corruption in Iraq

Senators Accuse Pentagon of Delay in Recovering Millions in OverchargesBy James Glanz / May 3, 2009 The Pentagon has done little to collect at least $100 million in overcharges paid in deals arranged by corrupt former officials of Kellogg Brown … Continue reading

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Hey Paul Krugman !!

#77! About the famous economist, Nobel prize winner and all around cool guy. Featuring my friend Madelyn, who is in an awesome band called The Muffin Brigade. The Rag Blog

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Financial Meltdown : The 12 Corrupt Deals That Caused it

Graphic from The Energy Source. $5 billion in lobbying for 12 corrupt deals caused the multi-trillion dollar financial meltdown. It got the finance industry lucrative legislative favors that paved the way for Wall Street’s devastating collapse. By Robert Weissman / … Continue reading

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The Missing Billions from Iraq Reconstruction: A Story That Won’t Go Away

The missing billions – the story that no one ever really cared to follow to its conclusion. Why? I could probably make a pretty fair case that it’s a function of racism – most of the money wasn’t American taxpayer … Continue reading

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FBI: ‘We Knew That the Mortgage-Brokerage Industry Was Corrupt.’

Bank repossession, foreclosure and for sale signs sit outside a foreclosed home in Houston. Two retired FBI officials asserted that the Bush administration was thoroughly briefed on the mortgage fraud crisis and its potential to cascade out of control, but … Continue reading

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Michael Connell : The Suspicious Death of the Man Who May Have Rigged the 2000 Election

Michael Connell. Photo from Cleveland Plain Dealer.‘Michael Connell’s unnatural, suspicious death raises serious questions about the corruption of the American electoral process that now may never be answered.’By Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman / December 21, 2008 Michael Connell, the … Continue reading

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Greenwald: More Reasons to Prosecute the War Criminals and Other Corrupt Politicians

These folks are Irish, but they’re saying it for the rest of us. Photo source.If criminal penalties are removed, what will deter lawbreaking by political officials?By Glenn Greenwald / December 20, 2008 The Washington Post‘s Ruth Marcus today perfectly expresses … Continue reading

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Shades of Whitewater : Media Attempts to Tie Obama to ‘Blagogate’

Media Frenzy by Amer Sahoury of Clio High School in Michigan, from the 2008 Congressional Art Competition.  The similarities between the media’s current behavior and their shameful performance in the 1990s doesn’t stop with their bizarre suggestions that geography is … Continue reading

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Greek Riots Expand; Address Corrupt Political System

Thousands march at funeral of Greek youth Alexandros Grigoropoulos; demand end to culture of corruption. There’s more to the Greek uprising then the alleged murder of an anarchist youth. Photo by Reuters / AP. ‘A switch has been flicked and … Continue reading

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