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Billy Wharton : Our National ‘Promissory Note’

National Debt Clock in midtown Manhattan, July 13, 2011. Photo by Brendan McDermid / Reuters.The national debt:A tribute to militarism and the rich By Billy Wharton / The Rag Blog / July 25, 2011 During his much heralded 1963 “I … Continue reading

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Hirschhorn: The Greed Tax

Great idea, but this is definitely a post-revolution happening. At the least, I have mailed this article to my member of Congress and both Senators, telling them I believe this is a proposal that reflects true justice. We’ll see what … Continue reading

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McCain’s Big Backfire : Most Americans Favor ‘Spreading the Wealth’

It must come as a surprise to the Republicans that the public favors Obama’s style of wealth spreading by a whopping margin.By Alexander Zaitchik / November 1, 2008 John McCain and Joe the Plumber are campaigning for Barack Obama, and … Continue reading

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