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Sen. Sessions : Alabama Hypocrite Would Sit in Judgment

Graphic: US News & World Report, June, 16, 1986. Click on image to enlarge. There is great irony here in the once rejected nominee [for federal judge] now trying to sharpen his claws on Judge Sotomayor. But she is lots … Continue reading

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Starr Takes Shine to Sotomayor

Starr’s attack of rightwing realism is more evidence, if any was needed, of what I said from the get-go: Sotomayor is not a radical. By Steve Russell / The Rag Blog / June 20, 2009 Kenneth Starr, who certainly lives … Continue reading

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The Sotomayor Nomination : Racism and Right-Wing Lunacy

Racism and Right-Wing Lunacy Her comment was simply a truism: identity shapes experience, which then informs perceptions. Identity provides a lens through which one then observes reality. By Tim Wise / June 1, 2009 For a group that regularly decries … Continue reading

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‘Pedro’ Tancredo : GOP Mad Buffoon du Jour

Pedro Tancredo in full battle array. Graphic by Larry Ray / The Rag Blog.Republican attack dog Tom Tancredo calls Sonia Sotomayor a racist This is just the tip of the iceberg of a long list of hateful, insane acts and … Continue reading

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