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Ray Reece : A Luddite’s Prayer to Gaia

“Space Junk” by Todd M. Bacastow / academics.uww.edu.Stop the (lunar) madness:A Luddite’s prayer to GaiaBy Ray Reece / The Rag Blog / February 16, 2010 In the New York Times Online of 11 February, columnist Ross Douthat writes disapprovingly in … Continue reading

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‘Climate Hacking’ : The Real Fear of Freelance Geoengineering

The “Pinatubo option” would involve spewing aerosol gunk into the stratosphere. Photo of Mount Pinatubo from U.S. Geological Survey publications. Freelance atmospheric modification may sound far-fetched, but the potboiler concept was on the agenda last week at an invitation-only, international … Continue reading

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Farewell to Space Junk? Satellites With Sails?

Space Junk. Space debris seen from outside geosynchronous orbit. Photo from Wikipedia Commons. With much of our new technologies being dependent upon satellites, a solution to the problem of the proliferation of space junk must be found. By Ted McLaughlin … Continue reading

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Oil On Saturn Moon : That’s the Ticket!

NASA scientists said Wednesday they had found liquid on Saturn’s moon Titan, seen here in a 2005 NASA handout taken from the Cassini probe, only the second body in the solar system after Earth to have fluid on its surface.Titan … Continue reading

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