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Alan Pogue :
My General Theory of Relative Violence

The economic philosophy of violence & the cultural/historical development of violence in the U.S. By Alan Pogue | The Rag Blog | April 11, 2018 Alan Pogue and Lamar W. Hankins will be Thorne Dreyer‘s guests on the syndicated Rag … Continue reading

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Harry Targ :
The forms of violence and the meanings
of Ferguson

From police violence to economic despair, to lack of political representation, to cultural rationales for state violence, the basic characteristics of American society are uncovered. By Harry Targ | The Rag Blog | August 21, 2014 In addressing violence, researchers, … Continue reading

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Harry Targ : Speaking Truth About Violence

Window into violence: A boy and his bird in Gaza. Image from chemicalcollisions / Tumblr. Towards a just society:Speaking truth about violence Violence engendered by the rich and powerful and responses from the poor and powerless are embedded in the … Continue reading

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Lamar W. Hankins : Gun Control and the Ethics of Self-Defense

Political cartoon by J.D. Crow / AL.com.The ethics of self-defense: Reconsidering gun control Much of this will seem counterintuitive, especially to those who are brought up with a macho mentality, whose inclination will be to fight, get revenge, teach the … Continue reading

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Ed Felien : Batman and the Culture of Violence

Batman image from Batman: The Amimated Series / Wikimedia Commons.Batman, The Joker, Nazisand the culture of violence in America Plato recognized the subversive value of art. He knew that art didn’t just hold a mirror up to society and reflect … Continue reading

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Jay D. Jurie : Gotham and the Real World

Aurora, Colorado:Gotham and the real world Particularly when the economy is in decline and the political environment is in disarray, these suburbs lend themselves to what Thoreau called ‘lives of quiet desperation.’ By Jay D. Jurie | The Rag Blog … Continue reading

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