The True Meaning of "Stay the Course"

The course they are staying on is locking up Iraq’s oil drilling/selling options for decades. Once that is a sure thing then the majority of U.S troops can come home. Of course there is not now nor has there ever been any desire to bring democracy or freedom to the Iraqi people or anyone else near or far. The Iraqi people would all be dead instantly if the Western oil barons could make that so. So the actual course is very reality based and we should all address that reality. There is nothing illogical about what they are doing. The premise is wrong. They have spent a trillion of our dollars in the quest for more than three trillion for themselves and they will not give that up. The Iranians and the Iraqis can make it difficult for the oil barons to achieve their goal. Many Republicans may lose their political offices. The premise of U.S. foreign policy remains the same everywhere.

Alan Pogue

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