American Foreign Policy – A. Pogue

“Because of the status of my own people, I am in no position to follow you. We have no foreign policy but that of the US I cannot imagine a situation where that would change.”

Nation states are for little people who don’t understand. The economic elites are Global Capitalists who care not a bit for the small minded patriotism with which they control the masses. “My own people,” how charming. Or “how quaint” as Mr. Gonzales would say.

“No foreign policy but that..” of Island North America.

Slavery and Native American genocide were, and still are, North American policy. The subjugation of Vietnam (El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, et cetera) and Apartheid were/are American foreign policy. The kidnapping of Aristide is American foreign policy. The murder of two million Iraqis is American foreign policy. The overthrow of Castro didn’t work out. Hugo Chavez is in the sights of American foreign policy. You probably don’t want to identify with those parts but you want to think there is a something called America which stands apart from the actual doings of American foreign policy. I agree there is but it is beyond nationalism. You have been getting your paycheck from The Man for too long. Let both sides of your brain talk to each other. What is good for Native Americans is good for everyone. Take a giant step outside your present mind. There is a North American bureaucracy that extends to wherever its troops can hold ground but other than that North America is a fiction. Whatever is good about “America” is the good inherent in humanity, that extends to everyone on the planet. Likewise, whatever is bad about “America” exists everywhere insofar as humans can fool themselves. There are people in what we call America but there are no American people.

I learned in Vietnam that American foreign policy is to murder, rape, burn and crush those who do not step in line with American/European Capital interests. Nothing has changed. I neither idealize nor demonize any group, or political fiction we call countries. I do know the economic/structural modes of self-appointed elites.

I do believe human nature is good. If it were not aimed at the good then there would be no need for propaganda. There would be no such thing as even the thought of morality. There would not be human consciousness. But people can compartmentalize their minds to such a degree that they are incapable of seeing that they are doing what they accuse others of doing. We humans are famous for this hypocritical activity. But, oddly, this still proves the inherent goodness of human nature. Few are those (individuals or whole nation-states) who can flatly state, “I saw what I wanted and killed the person(s) who wouldn’t give it up just as anyone/group would. If a stronger person/country kills me for what I have then that is natural. I make no appeal to God, or destiny (being the leading agent of historical betterment or whatever), or any inherent worth other than the ability to conquer.” Most people or nation-states claim those that were killed had it coming for some reason. God gave it to them so any resistance is anti-God. They rationalize, moralize, their greed. “We made a good offer,” “we were provoked,” it was somehow better for the victims that they were victimized/colonized. We brought them the True Religion and Big Macs, the ungrateful Islamo-Facists, Indian Savages, Little Yellow People in Pajamas, drunken pagan Irish. The Nazis probably believed their own bullshit just as the Zionists do now, and the NeoCons, and the waffling Republocrats. People just like you and me are being murdered for some other people’s profit but that MUST be obscured, human nature being as it is. The Israeli government does it to the Palestinians et cetera. The North American government does it to everyone. The British (Petroleum) government tags along in Iraq and can only barely continue to bash Ireland. (I was there also. The conflict in Ireland is not about religion. It is about British imperialism. I was unpleasantly surprised by Steve’s glib and callous remark about the political struggles in Ireland. Maybe Bud can make some “drunken Catholic Irishmen” commercials instead of “drunken Indian” commercials?)

I was in Baghdad when Clinton missiled it. I saw the pregnant women hit by shrapnel, the dead of all ages. I wish there was a hell so Bill could burn in it forever. Hillary as well, and many more. Clinton missiled the Al Shifa pharmaceutical factory in Sudan that packaged antibiotics for all of Africa at 25% of the American/European price. May the heat be turned up. Dead Iraqis can’t tell the difference between Clinton and Bush, 1 or 11.

Alan Pogue

Pogue is the Gaelic word for kiss. “Pogue ma hon” is Gaelic for “kiss my ass.”

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