Alice Embree : Lipstick on a Capitalist Pig!!

Long Live the Capitalist Pig / Tattoo art by Eduardo Lecleres / Pure Body Arts, Brooklyn

‘It’s not about the lipstick, friends. It’s about the pig’
By Alice Embree / The Rag Blog / September 10, 2008

OK. So maybe people in other parts of the country haven’t heard about putting lipstick on a pig before. It’s not about the lipstick, friends. It’s about the pig.

Pigs!! Remember? Capitalist Pigs; Male Chauvinist Pigs.

The people who get in the trough and eat voraciously. Muscle out everyone else; make off with profits to places they can’t be taxed; take jobs and leave factory skeletons behind; milk the housing market and depend on the government to assume all that private risk they crow about. The pigs in the insurance and pharmaceutical industries, the new robber barons, making money hand over fist while people can’t get health care.

It’s about the pigs. The ones in the White House. The mean ones like Karl Rove who enjoy trough politics. The ones who take us into opportunistic wars, outsourcing to Halliburton and Blackwater as they go, declaring “Mission Accomplished” when they topple a statue. The ones who’ve let the bodies stack up for eight years – in Iraq, in New Orleans.

They win when the entire media is talking about “lipstick politics.” This is about pig politics.

Frankly, I’m getting tired of nice guy, reasonable responses. Pigs don’t understand them. I don’t understand them. The guys in power should be run out on a rail. The reasonable thing to do with them is have them stand trial, but stupid diversions about “lipstick politics” are making me feel entirely unreasonable.

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4 Responses to Alice Embree : Lipstick on a Capitalist Pig!!

  1. I was glad to see your comment…..

    What I fully expect from all of this, is some cosmetic company WILL decide to come out with a lipstick called ‘Pretty in Pig’.

    Some ‘off-the-wall’ marketing will feature a cute little ‘pig’ on the tube of their lipstick; then of course they’ll decide to do one of a pit bull, and it will become a marketing mania and make $$$$$ (so typical with all capitalistic pigs).

    Who knows, an entire line of lipsticks??? Capitalist Pig? MCP? Pork-Barrel Pink (choice of lipstick or lipgloss). Heck, we’ll see the return of PORKY THE PIG – a full-length feature film.

    When you remember it was Dick Cheney who actually used that term first back a few years ago, Obama was only grabbing up an old line and Palin started it with her pit-bull in lipstick statement so what should she expect!

    Pork-barrel spending by a Pig wearing lipstick………

    Gad, this whole thing has gone to the ‘dogs’, and is absolutely ridiculous (no doubt it’s all for pumping media ratings and truly a waste of time to even bother to mention this drivel).

    This is one election that I’ll truly be glad when it’s over with, and I’m sure others feel the same. /ds

  2. Anonymous says:

    media is piggin’ out on this -enough already

  3. SD KathyT says:

    Pork barrel pink. Love it!

    This whole “debate” is the most ridiculous thing ever. I’m glad Obama brought some sense to it… respecting the American people enough to dismiss it. I wish all democratic analysts would do the same. Let’s see the media provide equal time when the dem’s won’t discuss this ludicrous topic.

    On a very odd note – McCain’s former press secretary wrote a book titled “Lipstick on a Pig.” Such a ridiculous turn in American discourse.

    I won’t ever vote for a party who thinks I’ll vote for a 2nd X chromosome or who thinks that false outrage over an irrelevant colloquialism will distract me from what’s important to me.

  4. Mariann says:

    I saw an episode of ABC’s “Ugly Betty” tonite, obviously from last season but one I’d missed, in which Betty’s nephew refers to the school gym, decorated for a junior high dance, as being like lipstick on a pig. For those who don’t know, the hit comedic drama is set in Brooklyn, and Betty’s nephew is pre-gay. Clearly, the expression is well known outside the South.

    LOVE the ‘Pretty in Pig’ idea!!

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