Cannabis Commerce : Wasted Potential

Graphic from sloshspot.


Put that in your pipe and smoke it

Love it or hate it, people smoke marijuana — lots of it. In some states marijuana consumption and possession have been decriminalized, and even legalized for medicinal purposes. But, have you ever wondered how large the economics of Marijuana were? Us too. As a result, we decided to put together this graphic, which illustrates the popularity of marijuana consumption, the federal tax dollars spent to keep marijuana illegal, and the possible tax revenues that could be generated if marijuana production were legalized and taxed like any other agricultural product. — sloshspot

No matter what sort of spin you put on the issue, ignoring the revenue-creating potential of taxing cannabis sales — which will continue, legally or otherwise — hardly seems prudent when we live in an era in which local governments can’t afford to fix potholes or hire schoolteachers. — Brand X

Thanks to Janet Gilles / The Rag Blog / Posted November 30, 2009

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3 Responses to Cannabis Commerce : Wasted Potential

  1. Janet says:

    I am proud that Texas shows up bright green on the chart!!! If marijuana were legal, we could solve all the other problems. First we would have a lot more money. Second, mj smokers are too mellow to start any wars. Third, mj smokers could get elected to office instead of all those people who are too dumb to smoke pot!!

  2. I, too, was tickled to see that Texas dopers hold our own with other states, even California, with its lovely chocolaty dispensary fare on every other street corner.

    This also reflects, of course, our proximity to the Mexican border, and reminds of yet another problem legalization would solve: the bloody drug cartel violence now rending nuestra hermana al sur (our sister to the south, gringos). Mexico has recently decriminalized personal amounts of pot as well as other recreational drogas, and would likely be quite happy to be able to grow and legally export its delicious fresh produce in a natural state, rather than squished and dried into literal “bricks” to minimize risk of detection!

    I’d found this graphic a few weeks ago and it is also posted on my informational website. Thanks for sending it to the Blog, Janet!

  3. Richard says:

    We are better off the way it is than controled and taxed by the govt. M, The U.S.A. grows the best product in the world, better than Holland or Canada and certainly better than that dirtweed schwag that nos hermanos en mexico grow. Beats me why there is a war over that crap. If that was the only product available I'd quit…maybe…well I'd think about it…maybe..

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