Iraq Moratorium #10 – June 20th

They’ll be flipping pancakes for peace Friday, June 20, at the Midwest Renewable Energy Expo in Wisconsin.

They’ll hold a teach-in on torture on the train to San Jose, where a picket and vigil will target a Boeing subsidiary accused of providing logistics for those “extraordinary rendition” flights.

Church bells will ring in Massachusetts. Activists will leaflet commuters in San Francisco Bay area, Brooklyn, and Takoma Park MD. Street corner vigils are planned in dozens of communities across the country, large and small.

It’s all part of the Iraq Moratorium, a monthly event that asks people to break their daily routines and do something to show that they want to Iraq war and occupation to end.

Nearly 100 events in 82 communities are listed on the Moratorium website, bringing the total to more than 1000 since the Moratorium began last September.

The Iraq Moratorium does not believe that one size fits all. It asks people to act, but in whatever way they choose.

The whole idea is to do something — anything — to show opposition to the war, whether it’s wearing an armband or writing members of Congress or donating to a peace group working to end the war and occupation.

The group’s website includes tools for organizing and ideas about how individuals can observe the Moratorium.

Bill Christofferson
For the Iraq Moratorium

The Rag Blog

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