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Marc Estrin : The Execution of an Elephant

Topsy the elephant:Executed by Thomas Alva Edison By Marc Estrin / The Rag Blog / January 9, 2010 [Noted author and activist Marc Estrin will be contributing to The Rag Blog on a regular basis.] Wait! Do not activate that … Continue reading

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BOOKS / ‘Eating Animals’ : The Beef with Factory Farms

Jonathan Safran Foer’s Eating Animals:A sweeping indictment of factory farms …what we should be talking about is how upward of 99 percent of animals are raised and what it does to them, what it does to the environment, what it … Continue reading

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Israeli Assault on Gaza: Not Even the Zoo Animals Were Spared

Frankly, it is no stretch to claim that this incident is a metaphor for the Israeli assault on Gaza. The Israeli Defense Forces exhibited the same callous disregard for human life during the entire period of the conflict. The government … Continue reading

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San Marcos : Officer Receives Threats After Allowing Dog to Die

Missy died en route to a veterinary clinic while San Marcos cop wrote a ticket. Family photo.Texas cop who wrote a ticket while dog choked to death, received oral reprimand.August 21, 2008 SAN MARCOS, Texas — A police officer who … Continue reading

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San Marcos : Dog Dies After Traffic Cop Ignores Owners’ Pleas

The law in San Marcos: Hays County Courthouse. Looks mighty pretty. Postcard courtesy of Phyllis C. Rummel. “Who’s dying? Relax,” Stephens said as his cruiser’s dashboard camera captured the interaction. “My dog,” Gonzalez said during the Aug. 5 traffic stop. … Continue reading

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