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RAG RADIO / Thorne Dreyer : Chicago’s Mike Klonsky Fights for Public Education, ‘Small Schools’

Chicago education activist Mike Klonsky in the studios of KOOP Radio, Austin, Texas, Friday, August 20, 2013. Photo by Roger Baker / The Rag Blog. Rag Radio podcast: Former SDS leader Mike Klonsky is fighter for ‘Small Schools’ and democratic … Continue reading

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Mike Klonsky : Drive-By Teachers and the Great Charter School Scam

Drive-by teachers: The Wal-Mart model. Image from Gawker. Drive-by teachers: The great TFA/charter school scam ‘Short careers by choice’ translates into teachers being reduced to low-wage information-age delivery clerks while most ‘learning’ is done by students sitting in front of … Continue reading

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Alan Wieder : Race to the Bottom

Image from Diary of a Public School Teacher. Race to the bottom: Educating Obama Inspiration and curiosity and breadth and depth in learning are often usurped by crowded and underfunded schools, high stakes testing, zero tolerance and incarceration, and the … Continue reading

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Robert Jensen : Holding Onto the Joy in Teaching

Pompous professor. Image from Canadian Mysteries.Holding onto the joy in teaching We are the best teachers when we aren’t afraid of the dark. By Robert Jensen | The Rag Blog | March 13, 2012 I am a tenured professor in … Continue reading

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