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Michael Moore : Goodbye, GM

General Motors’ Bob Lutz (“Global Warming is a crock of shit”) and Gary Cowger with obsolete product.Goodbye, GM It is with sad irony that the company which invented ‘planned obsolescence’ — the decision to build cars that would fall apart … Continue reading

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Here’s a Plan : Nationalize General Motors

‘The United States government should buy 51% of the GM stock and put a green Board of Directors in place.’By Terry J. DuBose / The Rag Blog / December 8, 2008 See ‘Here’s a plan: Buy GM’ and ‘Nationalize GM’ … Continue reading

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Cauldron Bubble : Witch’s Mix of Socialism and Capitalism

‘Our goal is to grow the commons and regulate capitalism, not abolish it.’By David P. Hamilton / The Rag Blog / November 25, 2008 From Friedman to Fidel, all agree. No one seriously argues against some form of mixed economy, … Continue reading

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Bailout : Idiots in Detroit Can’t Even Get an Electric Car Right

Electric Edsel? GM unveils the Volt.‘At this point, since the Democrats in Congress and the White House are congenitally incapable of imagining a state-owned or partially state-owned enterprise, it would be better to just let GM go under.’By Dave Lindorff … Continue reading

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