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Michael Grabell : How the Stimulus Revived the Electric Car

Rodney Smith cleans a new Think electric car at the Magnum Drive plant in Elkhart, Ind. Photo by J. Tyler Klassen / The Elkhart Truth / AP / Pro Publica.How the stimulus revived the electric car Although electric cars would … Continue reading

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Bill Freeland : Electric Cars Not All That ‘Green’

Graphic by Bill Freeland / The Rag Blog.All-electric cars:The not-so-green alternative By Bill Freeland / The Rag Blog / September 30, 2010 Conventional wisdom has just assumed electric cars are clean because there’s no tailpipe. So the focus has only … Continue reading

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Hawaii : Revolutionary New Electric Car System Proposed

The entrepreneur Shai Agassi, right, met with Anders Eldrup, center, a Danish energy executive, in Copenhagen last March. Photo by Jonas Pryner Andersen / Polfoto / AP.‘By using existing electric car technologies, coupled with an Internet-connected web of tens of … Continue reading

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Bailout : Idiots in Detroit Can’t Even Get an Electric Car Right

Electric Edsel? GM unveils the Volt.‘At this point, since the Democrats in Congress and the White House are congenitally incapable of imagining a state-owned or partially state-owned enterprise, it would be better to just let GM go under.’By Dave Lindorff … Continue reading

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Neil Young : How to Save a Major Automobile Company

‘We need visionary people now with business sense to create automobiles that do not contribute to global warming.’By Neil Young See ‘Neil Young’s car heads west’ by Chris Frank and Video, Below. Find a new ownership group. The culture must … Continue reading

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Electric Cars Are the Key to Energy Independence

German electric car.‘Anyone who drives an electric car falls in love with an electric car’By David Morris / August 2, 2008. Renewables won’t give us energy independence unless that electricity is used as a substitute for oil in our transportation … Continue reading

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