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Austin : Watch Out for Zombies

Austin road signs warn of zombies. Photo from KXAN.Construction signs warn of zombies:Hackers change public safety message.By Shannon Wolfson / January 29, 2009 See Video below. AUSTIN — Austin drivers making their morning commute were in for a surprise when … Continue reading

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Mike Hanks on Sarah Palin’s Hacked Emails : Wet Dream No. 365

Photo by Robyn Beck / AFP.‘That’s right folks, Gov. Palin’s secret e-mail account has been hacked!’By William Michael Hanks / The Rag Blog / September 18, 2008 Suppose you could read anyone’s personal mail you wanted to. Then suppose it’s … Continue reading

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TECHNOLOGY : How I Became a Soldier in the Georgia-Russia Cyberwar

Cyber Monster by TY KohAn Army of Ones and Zeroes‘In recent weeks, Georgia’s government Web sites have been besieged by denial-of-service attacks and acts of vandalism.’By Evgeny Morozov / August 14, 2008 As Russian and Georgian troops fight on the … Continue reading

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