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Robert Jensen : ‘Greatest Nation’ Rhetoric Comes Roaring Back

The burden of being exceptional. Captain America graphic from Statue Marvels.American exceptionalism:‘Greatest nation’ rhetoric roars back By Robert Jensen / The Rag Blog / January 4, 2011 My greatness as a writer is simply a fact. You don’t agree? Well, … Continue reading

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Howard Zinn on the 4th of July : Put Away the Flags

Image by Darren Wamboldt / Shutterstock / Journal of the American Enterprise Institute.The self-deception of exceptionalism:Put away the flags By Howard Zinn / July 3, 2010 [People’s historian Howard Zinn died on January 7, 2010. This piece was originally distributed … Continue reading

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Culture Wars : ‘Take Our Country Back’

Confederate flag at Tea Party March on Washington, September 12, 2009. Image from Think Progress.Latest culture war in America: Nationalism in dangerous form Many fear that they have lost the country that was bequeathed to them — and to them … Continue reading

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Reborn on the Fourth of July or Patriotism Once More Revisited

Fading GloryOn Patriotism.[revised annually on the 4th of July]By David Hamilton / The Rag Blog / July 4, 2008 Defending the patriotism of America’s internal critics is a time honored ritual, necessary because the warmongers invariably call it into question. … Continue reading

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