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Mounted Cops Attack Protesters Led by Iraq Vets

Protesters at Hofstra University, site of the presidential debate, on Oct. 15. Photo by The West / College OTR. Around the time that Barack Obama and John McCain bent over backwards to show that they commiserated with the “hurtin’” middle … Continue reading

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Thomas Cleaver :
Debate a Wash; Does Obama Lack Killer Instinct?

Obama ‘had two big chances to plant a large-caliber entry wound right between McCain’s eyes, and didn’t even try’ By Thomas Cleaver | The Rag Blog | September 27, 2008 I was really, seriously impressed with Joe Biden and what … Continue reading

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Fox News Suffers Another Debate Snub; Bloggers Take a Bow

‘Fox News has been busy airing doctored, cartoonish images of New York Times journalists, dubbing Obama hand gestures as “terrorist fist jabs”…’by Eric Boehlert / August 12, 2008 Coveted assignments for presidential debate moderators were handed out last week, and … Continue reading

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