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Jean Trounstine : The Plight of California’s Prisons

Cruel and unusual: Overcrowded California prisons. Image from TheBusySignal.com. The plight of California’s prisons: Hunger strike, sterilization, and valley fever While we complain of 100 degree heat and take solace in our air-conditioned homes, prisoners across the country are suffering … Continue reading

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Crowded Classrooms and Crowded Prisons – Why Is It So Hard to See the Connection?

The Dog Eats Its Tail: Oversized Classes, Overpopulated PrisonsBy Jesse Hagopian / March 7, 2009 One in thirty one. As a public school teacher I am quite familiar with this figure — it’s a typical teacher to student ratio in … Continue reading

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Slammed: Welcome to the Age of Incarceration

The US holds 1 in 4of the world’s prisoners. What happens when you lock up 1 in every 100 American adults?By Jennifer Gonnerman The number first appeared in headlines earlier this year: Nearly one in four of all prisoners worldwide … Continue reading

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New Record : 7.2 Million in Criminal Justice System

And the chicks are coming home to roost. The number of women in prison “rose faster in 2006 than over the previous five years,” mostly in Hawaii, North Dakota, Wyoming and Oklahoma, the Bureau of Justice Statistics report said. Roger … Continue reading

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