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Harry Targ : The Two-Headed Neoliberal Monster

Image from Stupid Comics.An American dilemma, 2011:The two-headed neoliberal monster It became clear to the financiers that government regulations, social safety nets, and public institutions of all kinds had become impediments to the free flow of money capital. By Harry … Continue reading

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David P. Hamilton : Our Corporate Rulers and their Bankrupt Drug War

Image from Democratic Underground.Why our leaders wage war on drugsAnd why this war is doomed By David P. Hamilton / The Rag Blog / May 26, 2010 Ted McLaughlin recently wrote an article for The Rag Blog (“Prohibition II: A … Continue reading

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Harry Targ : How the Ruling Class Rules

Image from La Revue Gauche.The new class society:How does the ruling class rule? By Harry Targ / The Rag Blog / February 23, 2010 The substructure In an effort to teach and reflect more systematically about class rule in the … Continue reading

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Cheap Labor: The Common Thread of the South

Southern Oligarchy and the Labor UnionsBy Joseph B. Atkins / February 2009 OXFORD, Miss. — Cheap labor. Even more than race, it’s the thread that connects all of Southern history—from the ante-bellum South of John C. Calhoun and Jefferson Davis … Continue reading

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FILM : The Sociology of Wealth in the USA

Johnson and Johnson heir and filmaker Jamie Johnson.‘Johnson is obviously thoughtful and also disturbed by his view from the top of the class pyramid of American society’By Roger Baker / The Rag Blog / August 4, 2008 Having no choice … Continue reading

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