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Alice Embree : Campaigning against Cuts at Corn Dog’s Office

From left, at Austin “fiscal Cliff” demonstration: Aron Duhoon, Harrison Hiner, Grover Norquist (Thorne Dreyer), Alice Embree, Les Cunningham, Paula Littles, and, in front, Sen. John (Corn Dog) Cornyn. Photo by Carlos Lowry / The Rag Blog. Austin protest against … Continue reading

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BOOKS / Ron Jacobs : ‘The People’s Pension’ and the War Against Social Security

‘The People’s Pension’:The war against social security The opponents of this program are not interested in saving money, a fairer distribution of benefits, or helping the elderly. They are serving an ideological agenda of social Darwinism. By Ron Jacobs | … Continue reading

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Red-Baiting and Racism : Socialism as the New Black Bogeyman

Obama as Joker: Poster currently being distributed in Los Angeles.Red-baiting and racism:When ‘socialism’ isn’t really about socialism This noise is about race. It is about ‘othering’ a President who is seen as a symbol of white dispossession: dispossession of white … Continue reading

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Homeless Vets and Hungry Kids? Empathy Meets Realpolitik

Graphic by Larry Ray / The Rag Blog.Empathy Meets Realpolitik How many of our nation’s leaders have ever gone to bed hungry? U.S. Department of Agriculture statistics show that, ‘12.4 million children in the U.S. are “food insecure” — defined … Continue reading

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Mike Davis : Note to Obama: ‘Futurama’ Has to Wait Its Turn

‘We are now at a crash site, and our priority should be to save the victims, not change the tires or repair the fender, much less build a new car.’By Mike Davis / November 21, 2008 America’s “Futurama” is defunct. … Continue reading

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