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Marc Estrin : Light Unto the Nations

Israeli “Agronomic (sic) flashlight grip (T-GRIP).” (Get ’em while they’re hot. Image from IsraelMilitary.comLight unto the nations By Marc Estrin / The Rag Blog / April 11, 2011 What is it? It doesn’t seem to be a bird. Definitely not … Continue reading

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Depleted Uranium Part of Israel’s Legacy to Gaza

Smoke rose from an explosion during an Israeli army land incursion into the Gaza Strip in January 2009 as seen from the Israel side of the border. Photo: Tara Trodas-Whitehill–AP.No less than 75 tons of depleted uranium found in Gaza … Continue reading

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The Pentagon : Attack of the Killer Robots

The Pentagon’s dream of a techno army is doomed to fail. ‘They don’t get hungry,’ Gordon Johnson, who headed a program on unmanned systems at the Joint Forces Command at the Pentagon told the New York Times in 2005. ‘They’re … Continue reading

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