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Blowing Through Texas : Renewable Energy Ploy Brings an Ill Wind

Blowing in the Wind It’s the hitherto scenic, big sky Hill Country, with more stars than you can count in the night sky, that’s been chosen to carry the burden of hosting those high-voltage power lines between West Texas and … Continue reading

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Why Wind Power Is a Viable Alternative

Click on graphs below to enlarge. The cost of wind, the price of wind, the value of windBy Jerome Guillet and edited by Paul Spencer / June 2009 I’d like to try to clear some of the confusion that surrounds … Continue reading

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Exclusively Using the Wind for Power

Missouri’s turbines will provide electric service for at least 20 years, the expected lifetime of the wind-to-power devices. Photo: Steve Morse, MU Cooperative Media GroupFirst US Town Powered Solely by WindBy Andrea Thompson / July 15, 2008 Rock Port, Missouri … Continue reading

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