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METRO | Melanie Scruggs : Houston’s regressive trash burning proposal

The global Zero Waste movement is actively opposing Houston’s proposed ‘One Bin for All.’ By Melanie Scruggs | The Rag Blog | May 14, 2014 HOUSTON — The environmental community in Texas has organically cultivated an unofficial division of labor … Continue reading

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Algae: A New Source of Alternative Energy

The Solix Biofuels plant on the Southern Ute Indian Reservation in southwest Colorado. The area averages 300 sunny days a year. Photo: Eric Draper/New York Times.A New Test for Business and BiofuelBy Kirk Johnson / August 16, 2009 IGNACIO, Colo. … Continue reading

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Solar Powered Flight: The Potential of Renewable Energies

Solar Impulse planeSolar plane to make public debutBy Jonathan Amos / June 26, 2009 Swiss adventurer Bertrand Picard is set to unveil a prototype of the solar-powered plane he hopes eventually to fly around the world. The initial version, spanning … Continue reading

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Blowing Through Texas : Renewable Energy Ploy Brings an Ill Wind

Blowing in the Wind It’s the hitherto scenic, big sky Hill Country, with more stars than you can count in the night sky, that’s been chosen to carry the burden of hosting those high-voltage power lines between West Texas and … Continue reading

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The Ethanol Alternative: Still Highly Questionable

Ethanol Production Process. The process of converting corn into ethanol results in approximately 2.8 gallons of denatured ethanol and 18 lbs. of Distillers Grains from every bushel of corn. Graphic: Verasun Energy.The Unraveling of the Ethanol Scam: 15 Studies Have … Continue reading

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Electric Cars Are the Key to Energy Independence

German electric car.‘Anyone who drives an electric car falls in love with an electric car’By David Morris / August 2, 2008. Renewables won’t give us energy independence unless that electricity is used as a substitute for oil in our transportation … Continue reading

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