The Bridge Loan to Nowhere

Cartoon by Charlie Loving / The Rag Blog

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3 Responses to The Bridge Loan to Nowhere

  1. Wrong order, Charlie.

    Chrysler plunges first, then GM, and Ford appears OK clear to next summer.

    And by the way, the “stupid unions” have bargained away all their advantages for new hires, so the new hires will make about what folks make in the non-union southern plants.

  2. Mariann says:

    Thanks, Charlie, I feel really sorry for the poor automakers — how were they to know there was a limit to our appetite for excess??

  3. Jeremy says:

    Good cartoon! I think the unions DO bear some responsibility for this. I’m all for fair compensation and solidarity, but the union should have raised more of a stink about the automakers’ business plans all these years. If the average American could figure out why American cars weren’t selling, it should have been clear to anybody in Detroit. It seems myopic to strike for higher pay / benefits but remain blind to the rest of the business model. Labor seems to have been in it for a quick buck, too, instead of making a sustainable industry a priority.

    But this is what happens when the union movement ceases to be radical and socialist, becoming instead a junior partner of capital.

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