The George W. Bush Memorial Ego Shoe-Ter

We’re surprised it took so long for this to appear, but appear it did. It is a way to spend a few moments releasing some pent-up emotion, or maybe just a way to waste a little time. Regardless, it’s pretty funny.

Richard Jehn / The Rag Blog

Play Here
Thanks to Martin Van Horn / The Rag Blog

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3 Responses to The George W. Bush Memorial Ego Shoe-Ter

  1. Okay, Richard, you need to send me two new AA batteries – my mouse is dead (but so was Bush, and most of his cohorts; shooting Palin was just the best!)

    Everyone on my ‘hit’ list is going to get the link – MANY MANY THANKS because I’ve been anxious to have a post from you that was ‘lighter’ and less tragic than has been showing up here for many days now.

    I can get the bad news anywhere; it’s the ‘relief’ from tragic information that causes me to ‘revisit’….

    Hope your new job is going well. Diane

  2. Hey, I shared the link; everyone has loved it, but now I’ve been ‘hit up’ for replacing boxes of batteries and 3 mice (plural of mouse)….you really started something, and I’m so darned glad you did!

    But….are you ready to split the bill on this? Smile – just teasing.

  3. John Crippen says:

    Try checking out “The Legacy of George W Bush, A Collection of Conflicting Opinions” a fun and interseting read.

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