Whad’Ya Know? Terrellita Maverick’s Still Fighting for the Family’s Good Name

Terrillata Maverick: A real Maverick still fights the good fight.

‘Mother’s interview was priceless! She was funny and quick on the uptake. She talked about the election, ancestral anecdotes, and backpacking around the world.’
By Fontaine Maverick / The Rag Blog / November 23, 2008

After weeks of a whirl of pre-election interviews surrounding my family’s indignant “John McCain, You’re No Maverick” campaign, a period of joy and relief ensued with the November 4 election of Barack Obama. We felt good about what we had accomplished, but I, for one, was glad that I could focus on the emotion that was the result of this marvelous, historical victory.

But there was one more; my 82 year old mother (Terrellita Maverick) told me that she was to be interviewed November 22 on “some NPR radio show” at Trinity University in San Antonio. Turns out, the show was Michael Feldman’s “Whadda Ya Know”, a very popular and venerable (they have been around for over 20 years) quiz show in the format of “Prairie Home Companion” with live audience interaction and musical guests. Those of you who live in parts of the country other than Austin may be familiar with it; we, unfortunately are not.

Anyway here’s a little rundown of what was in store for me and my mom today:

I had a long day; up at dawn to get mother to the beautiful auditorium at Trinity U, got her backstage for her gig as interviewee on “Whadda Ya Know,” and settle myself in the audience with an elderly friend of hers (a lovely woman named Jane). The show was beautifully produced — very regional decor on the big stage — fiesta taco booths and Big Rainbow Colored Papier Mache letters spelling out “NIOSA” (night in old San Antonio). A very fine jazz band opened the show.

Mother’s interview (about 15 minutes long) was priceless! She was funny and quick on the uptake – best I have ever seen her. She talked about the election, ancestral anecdotes, and backpacking around the world in her late forties. You had to be there, but I was very proud of her. She was followed by Feldman’s “quiz show” with an audience member, and a phone in guest, followed by a musical interlude with the Krayolas and Augie Myers, plus the West Side Horns. Then more audience interaction, and a great cooking demo with a local SA mexican chef (yes, you can do a cooking demo on the radio, you just have to talk about everything you are doing – and have fun).

Oh, and a 7 foot tall San Antonio Spur (I forget his name) was another guest. Cute guy!

Looks like you can get a podcast after Monday the 24th on the notmuch.com website — check it out — it’s a hoot.

[The Texas Maverick clan — a venerable pack of political progressives and iconoclasts who inspired the popular usage of the term “maverick” — spoke out during the 2008 campaign about the theft of the family’s good name by John McCain and his (not so) trusty sidekick Sarah.]

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3 Responses to Whad’Ya Know? Terrellita Maverick’s Still Fighting for the Family’s Good Name

  1. wayne johnson says:

    What an incredibly beautiful woman!

  2. Bonnie says:

    I was lucky enough on this last Saturday to have my ears filled with the infectious laughter of Terrilitta Maverick and the great dialogue on the Feldman talk radio show of NPR. She is truly great with her love of her family (lucky kids and grandkids) and her quick wit in the spontaneous opportunities of life!!!

    Go Terrilitta!

    from Bonnie Starnes in San Francisco

  3. Mariann says:

    Isn’t she totally gorgeous? No wonder our own Fontaine is such a babe! Great genes all the way through!

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