Austin’s Fontaine Maverick Tells CNN Why McCain and Palin are no Mavericks

Hey John McCain, you’re stealing our name! Jeanne Moos interviews Fontaine Maverick about the great Maverick family of Texas: The real and original Mavericks.

For more on The Rag Blog about the Maverick family and the theft of their good name, see McCain a Faux Maverick : Stealing a Texas Tradition by Paul in Austin / The Rag Blog / September 13, 2008

And Fontaine Maverick : John McCain is no Maverick! by Fontaine Maverick / The Rag Blog / August 31, 2008

And This Maverick The Real Deal by Joe Holley / The Rag Blog / March 1, 2008

Thanks to Mariann Wizard / The Rag Blog

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