Drawn and Quartered

Simanca Osmani, Brazil

The Rag Blog / Posted July 8, 2008

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Using evil to prey upon evil.
    I realize the horrific days of people planning monsterous acts like the Holocaust are behind us. But that doesn’t mean still are not scams in the economy, besides The Skim, which the gods view as necessary for positioning’s sake.
    Just as clone hosting selected disfavored whom the gods wanted to ensure had no chance to ascend before The End, so did being invited into the 21st century real estate scam ensure as of yet undetermined punishment elements.
    They instructed people whom they wanted to condition about when the stock market would top out and told them when they should shift their asset base into real estate instead.
    And they told them when to sell before they tanked the real estate market as well, timing all based on the level of confidence they wanted each to understand.
    The victims may cry “Why would this happen to me.” but their behavior in a prior life would answer this:::It didin’t happen to anyone who didn’t deserve it. IRONICALLY, SOME WHO ENTERED CLONE HOSTING AND PLANNED THIS ECONOMIC EVENT BEFORE THEY LEFT WERE REINCARNATED SPECIFICALLY FOR THIS EVENT.
    The God’s poetic justice can be a beautiful thing indeed, even if they are evil immoral hypocrites.

    Both the public and the private sector host $400k overpaid employees. The difference?
    The public sector preys upon the disfavored rejects from motherlands, people too disfavored to stay reproducing with their own blood. Corporate preyed upon the more favored purebloods from their motherland through sourcing and therefore incurr more evil in the eyes of the gods, for their lives have more value. Yet another great example of the god’s “reverse positioning”.

    They point the finger at me and claim I participate by shopping at WalMart.
    Now this is something I have yet to understand, for they ALL engage in this sourcing due to cheap Asian labor.
    It is the essence of life in the United States, and it is not by accident. Overconsumption of the Earth’s resources is due to the same reason.
    And Walmart has a very straightforward business model; rest assured I pay a margin on each and every product I purchase at Walmart independantly, including my $3 box of American made Cherios and my 68 cent can of Campbell’s tomato soup.
    INCIDENTALLY, it seems to me we pay THE SAME PRICE FOR SHIT THAT WE DID BEFORE SOURCING BEGAN. The difference is being poicketed by corporate and the $400k employees who are recruited into playing a part in this evil.
    The gods intentionally set this up to ensure the onus falls upon the preditory capitalist and less on the ignorant public.
    Trash at the top just as there is trash in the ghetto.

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