Larry Piltz : The NeoContry Fair

‘George W. Bush and the Iraq’ by Werner Horvath
The NeoContry Fair

Come on up now everybody to The NeoContry Fair
drag your spouse out of your cave and all your terror-free lairs
be sure to bring your bulletproof armor-piercing underwear
and your baby’s automatic weaponized high chair
tell good old Sarge to wear his digitalized prosthetic hair
cause no one has a thing to hide at The NeoContry Fair

see the wax drunken President dance naked on a bar
with a relic of his younger days his hash pipe filled with tar
then see the brain of George Bush inside a peanut butter jar
see Dick Cheney’s heart still kept alive inside a robot duck
watch it waddle round the tent and still not give a good fuck
see Don Rumsfeld’s actual skeleton and one of a vampire bat
and the only difference is that Rummy’s fangs are worn flat

there’s William Kristol’s shrunken head and Karl Rove’s vestigial tail
have a piece of Richard Perle sent to you via U.S. mail
buy a single lock of Condeleeza’s petrified hair
when you see it you’ll be shocked but really try hard not to stare
cause it’s inside a locket made of an Iraqi family’s flesh
and when it’s opened it plays Toby Keith performed by John Tesch

come see Dougie Feith’s real cranium the smallest known to man
see the depleted uranium here hold it in your hand
see film of Arab wedding parties actually going up in smoke
watch the White House press corps laughing at it all like it’s a joke
terrorize a country like it’s your own homeboy X-Box game
highest score gets reelected without any real blame

it’s the greatest freaking show the modern world has ever seen
since the German Nazis acted like they were all squeaky clean
watch the NeoCons all squirming even while they all still preen
watch the talking heads pandering to not say what they mean
enter laughing leave crying with your sides practically split
forget about all of your troubles but please not to give a shit
cause the NeoCons were the 21st century’s first real plague
and if we’re fortunate we’ll get to warn them not to break a leg
when their next tour stop brings their act to a gig at The Hague

come on out now one and all to The NeoContry Fair
come on out and sit by me Madame LaFarge will be there
as will the ghosts of countless innocents Iraqis and GIs
when history has its way and shrinks the NeoCons to neo-size
at The NeoContry Fair when justice vindicates the wise
at The NeoContry Fair when justice opens all our eyes
at The NeoContry Fair

Larry Piltz
August 12, 2008
Indian Cove / Austin, Texas

The Rag Blog


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2 Responses to Larry Piltz : The NeoContry Fair

  1. This is priceless! A creative mind at work – I have to share this one. Diane

  2. I’m having a great deal of trouble with your ‘pop-up’ commentary window these past few days.

    E-mail friend/family – having trouble.

    Have the I-net wars started?

    Hey, try simplifying to the enth degree, your ‘comments’ settings…no restrictions is what I have on my blogs.

    Still, I so enjoy and appreciate ALL YOUR TIME AND EFFORT!!!!


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