Larry Piltz : These Future Days

“A” is for Android / James “Jimbot” Demski / Idiot Box Artwork.

These Future Days

I’ve got a clock that runs on water
my dog takes Chinese herbs
I live next door to my dear wife’s house
and I’m not a bit perturbed
my car is half electric
and could run on mayonnaise
it’s said there’s nothing new under the sun
try telling that to my solar shotgun
then tell me you’re not amazed
to be alive in these future days

my computer’s built in Iceland
my printer in Monaco
my software’s written in some nice land
I print out on trees from Idaho
my money’s purple paisley
it has chips that make it smart
It tells me that I should spend it
on a wheelbarrow from Wal-Mart
oh tell me you’re not amazed
what life’s like in these future days

my doctor is an android
her clinic’s on the moon
she mostly treats the paranoid
and swears she’ll see me soon
my lawyer lives in the ocean
his lawyer lives up a tree
they swear they’ll file a motion
to do something about me
cause they think I’m too unphased
to appreciate these future days

my job’s become elastic
and I’m stretched way too thin
though I’m 14% plastic
I know now when to say when
my eyeballs are half vinyl
and I see you’re looking good
are you sure your answer’s final
cause I’m 30 percent wood
I’m so glad this issue’s raised
In these heady future days

my hard drive reads the paper
tells me what I should know
a Nobel Prize went to a man
who could kiss his own elbow
the Oscar went to China
along with Meryl Streep
though no one could be finer
I’m not losing any sleep
we won’t always be in this haze
that’s just life in these future days
I’ll take life in these future days

Larry Piltz / The Rag Blog

Indian Cove
Austin, Texas
May 12, 2009

The Rag Blog

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4 Responses to Larry Piltz : These Future Days

  1. Excellent! Well-written!

  2. Anonymous says:

    thanks Happy

  3. MWizard says:

    Piltz this is fabulous, I love it; nice catchy beat, too; does it have a tune yet? I’m tellin’ ya Bro it’s got a Hook!

  4. Mike Hanks says:

    spring has turned so warm
    once again sun on my farm
    have my eyes grown too?

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