Snickers : ‘Get Some Nuts’

New ad encourages drive-by shootings of unmanly men

See video below.

Via Towleroad comes a new spot for Snickers which appears to endorse violence against the effeminate, or at least against speed-walkers. In the spot, a yellow-shorts-sporting butt-shaking speed-walker is attacked by former A-Team star Mr. T (?!) with a Snickers-shooting machine gun, for being “a disgrace to the man race.” Ga-wha? The ad was created by AMV BBDO, a subsidiary of the retro-futuristically named Omnicom, which turns out to be the company also responsible for a Dodge spot and another Snickers ad that inspired claims of homophobia. Ad Age critic Bob Garfield has written an open letter to Omnicom calling the spots “simply sick.”

I’ve been a vocal proponent of everybody chilling out over fictional portrayals of LGBT people and the gender non-conformist, but this is appalling, and also completely unfunny: making fun of racewalkers is so, like, 1993. Watch the offending ad after the jump. What do you think, Riffers, does it make you feel like “getting some nuts” and having a Snickers?

Snickers TV Commercial – Get Some Nuts – video powered by Metacafe

Source / The Riff / Mother Jones / Posted July 22, 2008

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  1. Doug Zachary says:

    Geez, talk about you low common denominator appeal. This is some low-life Bullshit.

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