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Tom Hayden : Julian Assange and the Lynch-Mob Moment

The lynch mob in Frankenstein. Is Julian Assange next?The lynch-mob moment:The frenzy over Julian Assange and WikiLeaks By Tom Hayden / The Rag Blog / December 15, 2010 We know that conservatives are extremists for order, but why have so … Continue reading

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John Naughton : The WikiLeaks Backlash and the Culture of the Internet

Political cartoon from The Young Diplomat.Killing the messenger:The attack on WikiLeaks It represents the first really sustained confrontation between the established order and the culture of the internet… By John Naughton / December 6, 2010 “Never waste a good crisis” … Continue reading

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Comcast-NBC Merger : Controlling Content and Delivery

Image from ZeroPaid.The Comcast-NBC marriage:The importance of Net Neutrality With a monopoly on delivery, what’s to stop a new breed of ISPs/cable providers from dictating content to customers? By Jared Moya / December 10, 2009 See ‘Internet war: The fight … Continue reading

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Net Neutrality : Next Target of Astroturf Groups?

“WWIII Propaganda Posters: Support Net Neutrality” by Brian Moore / Flickr.Will ‘Astroturf’ groups block Net Neutrality reform? It’s no secret the five biggest telecom companies want Net Neutrality to disappear. All just happen to be members of a ‘pro-consumer’ group. … Continue reading

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Ridenour Reports on Cuban Freedom of Expression

“It is not a question of luxury, an alternative which one can choose or not: worker democracy is a condition sin qua non for the normal unfolding of a socialist economy.”Cuba: Freedom of Expression & SocialismBy Ron Ridenour / The … Continue reading

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Group Seeks Web-Savvy, More Open Government

‘First and foremost, the group wants Obama to reverse the policies of the Bush administration regarding the handling of public records.’By Lyndsey Layton / November 12, 2008 The incoming Obama administration needs to use the Internet to publish reams of … Continue reading

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