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Brooksley Born Could Have Saved Us From This Financial Catastrophe

Brooksley Born. Photo source.The Woman Greenspan, Rubin & Summers SilencedBy Katrina vanden Heuvel “Break the Glass” was the code-name high-level Treasury Department figures gave the $700 billion bailout; it was to be used only as a last- resort measure. Now … Continue reading

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Spitzer: Changing the Rules to Regulate Markets

Here’s what Juan Cole has to say about this article: “Maybe this is the reason the Bush administration illegally spied on Elliot Spitzer’s bank transfers despite lack of any evidence he was doing anything wrong?” A not completely unreasonable suggestion, … Continue reading

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The Logical Conclusion to Deregulating the Markets

Has Deregulation Sired Fascism?By Paul Craig Roberts / September 24, 2008 Remember the good old days when the economic threat was mere recession? The Federal Reserve would encourage the economy with low interest rates until the economy overheated. Prices would … Continue reading

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Economic Meltdown : Are We a Nation of Village Idiots?

‘Conservative Republicans always want the government to stay out of business and avoid regulation as long as they are making lots of money’By James Moore / September 18, 2008 Don’t let them tell you this economic meltdown is a complicated … Continue reading

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