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Permanent War Economy : Militarism and American Society

Congress has passed continuing funding for Afghanistan and Iraq. This view is from a U.S. Marine guard tower near Golestan in Afghanistan’s Farah Province. Photo by David Guttenfelder / AP.How militarism impacts our communities Along with the death and destruction … Continue reading

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Howard Zinn : Obama Must Find the Courage to Fight the Old Ways

Obama the Politician must find the courage to act on a true vision — of a nation ‘that uses its resources, its wealth, and its power to help people, not to hurt them…’ Image from Cinie’s World. Finally, someone — … Continue reading

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Someone Should Phone the Imperial Equivalent of Alcoholics Anonymous

Going on an Imperial Bender: How the U.S. Garrisons the Planet and Doesn’t Even NoticeBy Tom Engelhardt / September 4, 2008 Here it is, as simply as I can put it: In the course of any year, there must be … Continue reading

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Our Future: Way More Killing Than Is Necessary

“What Do You See in Your Future?”The Unnecessary Execution of Jose Ernesto MedellinBy Greg Moses / August 6, 2008 If at 9:59 pm Central Time on Tuesday night you were refreshing your browser to “sort by date” the latest news … Continue reading

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Another Piece of What Iraq Was Really About

Iraq arms sales request worth over nine billion dollars: PentagonAugust 1, 2008 WASHINGTON — The Pentagon said Friday it has notified Congress of proposed military sales to Iraq valued at more than nine billion dollars, including helicopters, tanks and armored … Continue reading

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Julian E. Barnes :
No Surprise from the Most Murderous Nation

Activists decry new Pentagon policy on cluster bombs By Julian E. Barnes | July 10, 2008 They say that taking 10 more years to eliminate the munitions with the highest failure rate for their bomblets ‘is completely inadequate from a … Continue reading

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Run the Flag Up The Pole, Boys…

U.S. percentage of the world’s military spending. Source. / armscontrolcenter.org. Click to enlarge.There’s a little GI Joe in all of usBy Duncan Echelson / The Rag Blog / July 2, 2008 How military service suddenly qualifies someone for sainthood or … Continue reading

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