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FAIR : Election Coverage Misses the Mark

Image from Blogging Belmont.Surprise!Press urges move to the right:Media misreading midterm elections By Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting / November 5, 2010 With the Democrats suffering substantial losses in Tuesday’s midterms, many journalists and pundits were offering a familiar diagnosis … Continue reading

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PRESS / Dick J. Reavis : Texas Tribune Lacks Regional Vision

Texas Tribune. Image from UrbanGrounds.The Texas Tribune:Bells and whistles but little vision The Tribune mistakes numbers for people and information for insight. It is in no way culturally or regionally idiosyncratic. By Dick J. Reavis / The Rag Blog / … Continue reading

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PRESS / Mexico’s Leftist ‘La Jornada’ : 25 Years of Rabble Rousing

Noam Chomsky salutes left wing dailyKeynotes La Jornada anniversary event The first issue of La Jornada rolled off borrowed presses September 19th [1984] to the universal disdain of Mexico’s ruling class which then maintained a hammerlock on the press… By … Continue reading

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MEDIA / Where Were the Watchdogs on Iraq and the Economy?

Were the watchdogs asleep on the job? Photo of Rottie ( “Who me?”) from Dog Infopedia.When the Watchdogs Are Asleep, We All Get Robbed In the wake of the financial collapse, I wonder if the remaining (if relatively low) public … Continue reading

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A Browbeaten, More Passive Press Corps

White House press corps acquiescing to another line of bullshit.The mighty, scary press corpsBy Glenn Greenwald / September 6, 2008 Criticizing the McCain campaign for refusing to allow reporters to question Sarah Palin, Time’s Jay Carney writes: Political operatives love … Continue reading

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MEDIA : The Press and the Atomic Bomb

Mushroom cloud from the nuclear explosion over Nagasaki rising 60,000 feet into the air on the morning of Aug. 9, 2008.63 Years Ago: Media Distortions Set Tone for Nuclear Age By Greg Mitchell / August 6, 2008 At this time … Continue reading

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