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Steve Russell :
POLITICAL HISTORY | Ranking Donald Trump
among the one and done

Donald John Trump had his papers graded and the voters failed him as decisively as he failed them. By Steve Russell | The Rag Blog | January 5, 2021 Those of us who consider history to be recreational reading started … Continue reading

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Harvey Wasserman : Our Gay Commander-in-Chief

President James Buchanan. Image from Encyclopedia Dickensonia.‘Mister Fancy’ James Buchanan:Our gay Commander-in-Chief By Harvey Wasserman / The Rag Blog / December 20, 2010 As “conservatives” scream and yell about gays in the military, they might remember that in all likelihood … Continue reading

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A Little Succession History from an Expert

John Tyler, the first US Vice President who succeeded to the Presidency in 1841The Sarah Palin selection: Why McCain’s inexperienced running mate falls short of meeting the implicit constitutional qualifications for vice presidentsBy John W. Dean / September 5, 2008 … Continue reading

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Why McCain Would Be a Mediocre President

John McCain campaign staff and early model of the “Straight Talk Express.”‘A careful look at McCain’s biography shows that he isn’t prepared for the job’By Rex Nutting WASHINGTON — In his frivolous Paris and Britney ad, Sen. John McCain has … Continue reading

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