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Lamar W. Hankins : Sweet Land of Liberty (for Some)

“The Weight of Liberty.” Sculpture by Juliana Murcia Ortiz.Ah, irony:Sweet Land of Liberty When liberty serves the interest mainly of the plutocrats who are largely in control of this country, we no longer have a republic that is of, by, … Continue reading

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Dirk Nelson : Walking the Walk at Wall Street

This photo of an Occupier at Zuccotti Park (Liberty Square) was taken several weeks after the footage of police brutality was posted on YouTube and elsewhere. Considering the government’s treatment of the citizenry, the government’s attitude toward the banks and … Continue reading

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Harry Targ : Time for Progressives to ‘Get on the Bus’

Organize: The handwriting’s on the wall.Social justice and the fall elections:Mobilizing the progressive movementBy Harry Targ / The Rag Blog / September 16, 2010 “Get on the Bus.” That was the conclusion 16 activists from Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky came … Continue reading

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Richard C. Cook :
Financial Crime Scene: Fingering the Perps

This is a very well-written and provocative article by a longtime Treasury Department analyst. It was originally delivered as a speech on Nov. 15, 2008, the first day of the G20 economic summit, at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. … Continue reading

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Tom Hayden : No Deal. We Need Economic Democracy

The bailout, the election, and new hope for the leftBy Tom Hayden / September 24, 2008 The proposed Wall Street bailout is the ultimate lipstick on a pig. Progressives should oppose it, no matter the cosmetics. I speak as a … Continue reading

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