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Ted McLaughlin : Trickle-Down Depression

Trickle-down depression:Productivity gains are no longer shared By Ted McLaughlin / The Rag Blog / September 12, 2011 From the end of World War II through 1979 the gains in productivity in the United States were shared between workers and … Continue reading

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Planning for the Worst : Depression as Progressive Correction

“Get the Seed Corn Miranda It’s Fixin to Storm” / Shiloh Museum.Harvesting the seed corn:Seizing depression as progressive correction By rehearsing progressive responses in advance of crisis it may be possible to prevent excesses of panic and conflict that we … Continue reading

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Greg Moses : Chinese Dragon in Aftershock?

Chinese dragon: still snorting through the global depression? Image from Scrape TV.Still time to put jobs first? In the chatter of Chinese ministers sounds a worry that the ‘socialist market economy’ could come out of the economic crisis fatter than … Continue reading

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The End of the Financial Crisis Is Nowhere in Sight

The Global Collapse: a Non-orthodox ViewBy Walden Bello / February 22, 2009 This is the longer version of an essay by the author released by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) on 6 February 2009. Week after week, we see the … Continue reading

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The Stimulus Fix and the Global Ponzi Scheme

In terms of our current economic condition, we resemble a junkie going through withdrawal; “jonesing,” desperate for a money fix. Stimulus packages are thus globally popular to alleviate the symptoms of our addiction to easy money resulting from the recent … Continue reading

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