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Stephanie Smith : E. Coli and the Killer Burger

Escherichia coli (known as “E. Coli” to its friends).E. coli nearly killed Stephanie Smith:All-beef patty can be big-time troubleBy Carl R. Hultberg / The Rag Blog / October 9, 2009 Stephanie Smith was pretty much committed to vegetarianism. But after … Continue reading

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Food Safety Meets Organic Farming: Destroying the Conceptual Foundations by Hyper-Technologizing

Farmworkers harvest organically grown lettuce at Lakeside Organic Gardens Farm in Watsonville. Photo: Paul Chinn/The Chronicle.Crops, ponds destroyed in quest for food safetyBy Carolyn Lochhead / July 13, 2009 Washington — Dick Peixoto planted hedges of fennel and flowering cilantro … Continue reading

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More About MRSA and Agribusiness

This is a follow-up to an article we posted a few days ago. The big news here is the potential connection between the development of debilitating (even deadly) antibiotic-resistant pathogens and the use of antibiotics in animal feed. Let’s press … Continue reading

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MRSA: A Potential Cost of Industrial Agriculture

One of the many industrial hog farms outside Camden, Ind. Photo: Nicholas D. Kristof/The New York Times.Our Pigs, Our Food, Our HealthBy Nicholas D. Kristof / March 11, 2009 The late Tom Anderson, the family doctor in this little farm … Continue reading

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The Rogues’ Gallery of Food Awards

Damage control: Chinese workers destroy a batch of melamine-tainted milk powder under the watchful eyes of enforcement officers in Shanghai. Photo: source.My 2008 Food Products Hall of Shame AwardsBy: Asinus Asinum Fricat / January 10, 2009 The main award goes … Continue reading

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The Real Melamine Story : The FDA Isn’t Protecting Us

Dr. Stephen Sundlof says traces of melanine in baby food “perfectly fine.” Photo by Paul J. Richards / AFP / Getty Images. Conscientious consumers who have followed the melamine story are appropriately outraged. Some have written off the FDA as … Continue reading

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