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Muriel Kane : Austin Police Infiltrated Occupy Austin

Front page of Austin American-Statesman, Saturday, September 1, 2012. Image from Occupy Austin / Facebook. UPDATE: The Houston Chronicle reported on Sept. 5 that, according to Austin Assistant Police Chief David Carter, “High-ranking officials in the Austin Police Department had … Continue reading

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Rag Radio : The Occupy Movement and Activism in Austin

Occupy activists in the studios of KOOP-FM, Austin, February 24, 2012. From left, Richard Bowden, Joe Cooper, Mo McMorrow, Nate Cowan, Brian J. Overman, Lucian Villaseñor, and Rag Radio host Thorne Dreyer. Photo by Tracey Schulz / Rag Radio.Rag Radio:Representatives … Continue reading

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Rebecca Solnit : Occupy Your Heart

Occupy your heart:Compassion is our new currency Occupy arrived and, as if swept by some strange pandemic, a contagious virus of truth-telling, everyone was suddenly obliged to call things by their real names and talk about actual problems. By Rebecca … Continue reading

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Nicole Berland : Occupying Ideas in Austin

Photos from Occupy Austin Reading Group / Facebook.The ideas behind the actions:Occupy Austin Reading Group By Nicole Berland / Fringe Magazine / November 22, 2011 [The Occupy Wall Street movement is often judged by its most visible and dramatic and … Continue reading

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Rabbi Arthur Waskow : Burn Their Books, Mayor Bloomberg

People’s Library at Occupy Wall Street. Photo by David Shankbone / Flickr. NYPD apparently destroys ‘American cultural history’ More than 5,000 books in the Occupy Wall Street library were reportedly thrown away when police moved in to remove protesters from … Continue reading

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Robert Jensen : Occupy ‘Demands’: Energy, Economics, Ecology

Image from humanbannersf.com. CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE. Occupy demands:Let’s radicalize our analysis ofempire, economics, ecology Rallying around a common concern about economic injustice is a beginning; understanding the structures and institutions of illegitimate authority is the next step. By … Continue reading

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Greg Moses : It’s all Trick, no Treat, as Cops Bust Occupy Austin Protesters

Austin police confront demonstrators at City Hall, Oct. 29, 2011. Photo by Ann Harkness /Flickr.All trick no treat:Austin police take downfood table in midnight raid By Greg Moses / The Rag Blog / October 31, 2011 Police in Austin, Texas, … Continue reading

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William Rogers : Austin Labor Marches in Solidarity with Occupy Movement

Union workers march in solidarity with Occupy Austin, Oct. 23, 2011. Image from YNN.Injury to one is injury to all:Austin labor demonstrates solidarity with Occupy movementBy William Rogers / The Rag Blog / October 27, 2011 AUSTIN — Five hundred … Continue reading

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Greg Moses : Even Weather Turns Spiritual at Occupy Austin

General Assembly at Occupy Austin. Photo from Occupy Austin.Even the weather turns spiritual:Onward through the storms at Occupy Austin As Occupy Austin entered its second week, organizers were looking more rested, wholesome, happy, and relaxed as they mixed themselves into … Continue reading

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Jonah Raskin : Occupy Austin: This is Just the Beginning

Occupy Austin, Friday, Oct. 6, 2011. Photo from Occupy Austin.Occupy Austin:This is just the beginning By Jonah Raskin / The Rag Blog / October 10, 2011 See photo gallery below. [West Coast writer, activist, and Rag Blog contributor Jonah Raskin … Continue reading

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