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Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn : Bringing the War Home, 1970

News photo taken March 6, 1970, of the New York Fire Department responding to an explosion at an upscale Greenwich Village townhouse. Image from Wikipedia.Bringing the war home: 1970-2010 Eventually we came to think that we could make a revolution, … Continue reading

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Dick J. Reavis on Mark Rudd’s ‘Underground,’ and the 1969 SDS Split

Bernardine Dohrn, of the Radical Youth Movement faction of SDS — and later of Weatherman — addresses the SDS convention in Chicago in 1969, at which the Progressive Labor Party was “expelled.” Mark Rudd, author of Underground, is to Dohrn’s … Continue reading

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Judy Gumbo Albert : Peoples’ Park and Our Sixties Legacy

Art from Peoples’ Park 35th anniversary celebration in Berkeley, April 25, 2009. Photo by Z / Bay Area Indymedia.Berkeley’s Peoples’ Park Remembered and Zayd Dohrn’s play, Magic Forest Farm I repeat this phrase, loudly and with more emphasis: ‘Our politics … Continue reading

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Judy Gumbo Albert : It’s ‘Celebrate 60s Radicals’ Week!

Judy Gumbo with (left) Stew Albert and Jerry Rubin, May, 1971. Photo from yippiegirl.com.In California this week, book signings, an historic poster exhibition, a theatrical event and a ‘Champion of Justice’ award all shine a light on Sixties activists and … Continue reading

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BOOKS / Jonah Raskin on Mark Rudd : Underground, Again

Underground, AgainMark Rudd’s ‘Underground: My Life with SDS and the Weathermen’ A charismatic individual with very little sustained radical organizing, he came out of nowhere at a crucial moment in the 1960s and was instantly catapulted into the national spotlight. … Continue reading

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Thomas Good : An Interview With Mark Rudd

Mark Rudd speaks at the West End Bar in New York last week. Photo by Thomas Good / NLN. Beneath the gray beard and the wrinkles I could clearly see the boyish face of the 20-year-old SDS leader. By Thomas … Continue reading

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